Class Overrides for Full Classes

What are Overrides?

Class overrides: 

A “class override” is an administrative request to be added to a class when UAConnect is not allowing a student to self-enroll.

Some reasons why a student may not be able to self-enroll are:

  • A class is Full (at capacity)
  • Pre/Corequisite errors
  • Dept.Consent or other error messages

Overrides for full classes:

Requesting an override for a full class DOES NOT guarantee a student a seat in a course. Students should always choose/prioritize enrollment in a available courses when they are an option rather than waiting on an override for a full class.

Most full class overrides are prioritized based on whether or not a student is required to take the course for graduation requirements, and how it impacts the student’s graduation track.

Please note:

It is extremely important to follow the University's Registration Periods calendar. The override process is not intended for students looking to enroll in classes outside of the Registration Period.

Departments are able to select the override process that works best for them. Some departments will have you follow a formal override process. Others will have you use the waitlist feature in UAConnect. The sections below will show you departments with formal override processes and common UAConnect troubleshooting tips.

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Formal Override Processes

There are several academic units that have formalized override processes. If you do not see the unit you need then try following the troubleshooting tips in the next section.

UAConnect Override Troubleshooting Tips

I can’t enroll in a class because I got an error:

    1. Prerequisites for class have not been met: UAConnect checks your course history for test scores, and completed coursework. If a course has a pre-requisite and the pre-requisite is not found in your academic records, you cannot enroll in the course
    2. Pre/Co-requisites have not been met: This is most common with science courses which have a LAB component that is required to be in the shopping cart at the same time when submitting enrollment
    3. Permission Number is Necessary for Enrollment: course does not require permission numbers, but this message may occur if the course has specific enrollment requirements. Check the note of the class for some of these common instances:
      1. Sections reserved for online students
      2. Department/Instructor Consent Required
      3. Section reserved for CEA Students
    4. Time Conflicts: UAConnect will avoid “Double-booking” a student’s time slots for classes. Verify that none of your class times are overlapping (even by 1 minute).
    5. Term Limits and Course Loads being Exceeded: Undergraduate students are only allowed to register in a max of 18 hours. If a student wishes to take more that 18, they will need an Overload Petition
    6. Out of Career: If the course is 5000-6000 level this is a graduate level course and therefore “out of career” for an undergraduate student. If you wish to take a graduate level course, and you meet all pre-requisites, talk to your advisor.

Multiple Errors

Sometimes these errors come in tandem. For example if a student is trying to register for:

BIOL 1543

BIOL 1541L

COMM 1003

If BIOL 1541L and COMM 1003 have a time conflict, then the student will get a TIME CONFLICT error for BIOL 1541L, & a CO-REQUISITE error for BIOL 1543.