Major Exploration Coaching

Many students are undecided about their majors when entering college, while others who think they have decided on a major will change their minds multiple times before graduation. Know that uncertainty about your major is common, and when you need support to find a major that fits your interests, strengths, and career aspirations, we are here to help.

Exploration Coaches are partners in your success who help you make sense of majors and the major selection process. Our coaches are skilled faculty and staff from across campus invested in helping you discover a major that is personally meaningful to you. Exploration Coaches offer holistic major exploration support in one centralized location, so you don’t have to visit multiple offices to get the guidance you need.

Through working with an exploration coach, you will

  • explore resources to clarify your decision to change your major;
  • confidently be able to select a major based on your interests, skills, and career aspirations;
  • understand key major change processes; and
  • connect with people who will assist you with changing your major.


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