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The Academic Advising Council (AAC) adopts the following statement on academic advising for the University of Arkansas:

Academic advising is an active, ongoing partnership between the advisors and students grounded in teaching and learning.  Advising is based on students gaining accurate and appropriate information and direction to help make their educational experience relevant, coherent, and meaningful. It is a process that assists students in connecting with the University of Arkansas, making thoughtful decisions related to their academic experiences, and maximizing their educational and career opportunities. Quality academic advising is essential to achieving the University's vision.

While procedures may vary among schools and colleges, all successful academic advising should include the following:

  • A mutual responsibility between advisor and student with the student possessing final responsibility for successful completion of a degree.
  • Respect for students’ ethnic and racial heritage, age, gender, culture, national origin, sexual orientation, and religion, as well as their physical, learning, and psychological abilities.
  • A developmental and educational process that occurs over time.
  • Consideration of individual students’ interests, abilities, and needs.
  • A collaborative effort to connect students to campus resources and services.
  • Reasonable availability and accessibility of advisors.
  • Interpretation of University of Arkansas, college, and departmental rules and regulations.
  • A student’s understanding of the purpose and nature of the university core courses.
  • Recommendation of appropriate courses.
  • A student’s understanding of and progress toward academic requirements.
  • General information regarding career options and opportunities, with appropriate referrals as necessary.
  • An understanding of and adherence to laws and regulations that relate to academic advising.
  • Adherence to the highest principles of ethical behavior.