Academic Advising Council

The Academic Advising Council (AAC) Charge

The AAC serves as the advisory group for undergraduate academic advising and reports to the provost regarding all matters related to its charge. The council is responsible with assisting the institution to increase the academic success and retention of undergraduate students by highlighting and providing additional support to the academic advising processes. With this charge, we have the opportunity to select individuals who have had a positive impact on student success through their role as an academic advisor.

University of Arkansas Advising Mission Statement

Academic advising is an active, ongoing partnership between the advisors and students grounded in teaching and learning.  Advising is based on students gaining accurate and appropriate information and direction to help make their educational experience relevant, coherent, and meaningful.  It is a process that assists students in connecting with the University of Arkansas, making thoughtful decisions related to their academic experiences, and maximizing their educational and career opportunities.  Quality academic advising is essential to achieving the University’s vision.  (Academic Advising Council Mission Statement, 2006, 2010)